Why First Generation College Students Essay

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Introduction This research seeks to explain why first-generation college students consistently perform lower, academically, compared to continuing-generation college students. The research conducted will contribute to scholarly literature by explaining the why behind this phenomenon. Countless journals, articles, and books have been written concerning this topic, but most are some kind of experimental study that attempts to offer up programs or advice to how first-generation college students can combat the lower academic success they may face. Very few have sought to explain the why factor behind it. It is my belief that this research will yield a great number of significant findings that hold the potential to better help our society prepare first-generation college students to succeed in academia - nationwide. By explaining why first-generation college students struggle in a university setting, high schools and universities will have to capability of offering programs to help prepare and assist first-generation college students for the success needed to complete their degree. This could also spark changes in policy within our government, helping the opportunity to obtain an education easier by creating more financial opportunities for first-generation college students.
Review of Literature One consistent theme found in the preparation for the research, is that there is a general agreement that first-generation college students do, in fact, perform lower in university…

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