Why Erp Is An Erp Essay

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Companies who are considering an ERP implantation have a certain level of homework to do prior to making the decision of how, what, which type, and who should be a part of the implementation. This discussion will also touch on the book “Why ERP” to bring in a similar perspective.
First how an organization approaches the analysis of the ERP necessity can be addressed in the following types of activities. The organization needs to understand what the ERP can do for the company, what it can’t do, and know the company expected growth, goals, and strategy. Are they replacing all their legacy systems, across the entire company or just one or a few business units? Do they have the proper people on staff to help implement, to know the skills of the people they have at their disposal, the budget, infrastructure, and proper timeline. The company should establish a group of people, steering committee, to do this analysis and make the recommendation to senior management. It is important to have the right people involved in this analysis. Many companies that did not do the upfront work either experienced implementation failures or they had costly challenges to overcome.
Moreover, if the company has decided to implement an ERP, they must then analyze which type of ERP system best suits their needs. Either a commercial off the shelf tool or developing an in house solution can be analyzed by understanding your business complexity. If your company is small you may choose to…

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