Essay on Why Education Is The Consumption Of Knowledge

1341 Words Nov 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Prior to attending this class, I did not think of education as anything more than the process of acquiring general knowledge. I was later surprised to discover that education in general and the process of education is much more complex. Many extraordinary philosophers throughout history have claimed to be the most educated men of their time. But what does it really mean to be educated? Education is not necessarily something that can be measured, so how do we determine whether or not someone is educated? In this paper, I propose to explore the meaning of education by using a number of famous philosophers and their theories on education. A significant part of education is the consumption of knowledge. An individual is unable to form opinions on a matter if they do not know about the manner. The term knowledge is often strongly linked to education, causing common confusion and misconception amongst the terms. For the purpose of this paper, I would like to distinguish knowledge as being learned of many things whereas education is having a deep understanding of these many learned things. Plato’s Apology can be said to serve as a model of education, through the continuous willingness to question and be questioned to displace ones’ former assumptions. By using Socrates as a literary figure in the Apology, Plato narrates that Socrates had learned from his close friend that the Oracle of Delphi had proclaimed Socrates to be the wisest man in Athens, Greece. Shocked by this…

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