Essay on Why Education Is Important For Many Generations

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Essay #5 Education has always been important for many generations. However, recently our educational systems have shown very little interest in improving a student’s talents and focusing on implementing what they classify as important into a child’s mind. I would make four major revisions in our educational system. First, I would increase the requirements to become a licensed instructor in our schools. Second, providing regular tests that would calculate individual progress in students. Third, change the required classes for a high school diploma. Finally, high school graduates are not required to complete General Education courses if they are not required by their major. The center of attention in the revisions I would apply into our school system is to give students the liberty of choosing their path of interest and giving them a variety of options to choose from; making every subject seem equally important. Instructors now a days seem less and less passionate about their work. Its as if they really do not care if half of their students fail their course. Why? Probably because almost anyone with an multi subject teaching credential can teach k-12. This credential is earned in five years and in order to teach you need to have satisfied the “basic skills requirement.” If people have to work hard to get to where they want to be, whether it’s in front of a classroom or out in the streets, once they meet their goal they will not lose that same eye on the prize attitude…

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