Examples Of Arguing For More Or Less Change In Education

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1) Write a paragraph or two arguing for more or less change in education. Specify what kind of changes you would recommend if you feel change is needed or specify what you would eliminate if less change is called for. Use personal examples as needed.

In Oakland, we had a great system I felt worked well. I was part of the pilot program. The way it worked was that teachers only taught till 1pm. They were required to work till 3:30pm, At 1:30pm students would take their elective courses. During that time (from 1:30 – 3:30pm), teachers either were in trainings, data cycles, or tutoring. For example: Mondays and Wednesdays teachers tutored, Tuesdays they had PLCs, Thursdays they had homework hall, and Fridays they had a rotating schedule of PDs.
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Not only can people trust him, but he ensured teachers that their information would stay private with them. He always had an open door policy and would find time to listen to all of his staff members. He had a great working relationship with teachers. When he asked for favors, teachers would do them without hesitation because they knew how much support he provided. Teachers never felt like he asked for anything in return, but they respected him. Some of the characteristics he had were: he was people’s person, he would not ask you to do something if he was not willing to do it himself, he listen to teacher’s concerns, and he didn’t micromanage. If he had a concern or conflict with teacher, he kept it private, and work hard to find a solution. Even our students had a lot of respect for him. One of my favorite things of him was that he encouraged teachers to go into his office and vent about their frustrations. I knew many teachers who would go into his office to talk with him or cry because of their frustration, and they were kept private. As teachers, we need someone we can talk to. Sometimes even if they do not offer solutions, just by having someone to talk to helps. At the end of every meeting he reminded teachers to have fun and enjoy our moments with our students. These are great characteristics a principal can have to keep the morale at the school high. If the morale is high, more things will get …show more content…
In some schools, vice principals are in charge of discipline, while in others they are in charge of only parts of the principal duty. In my opinion, the best thing is to have a great principal who is a great role model for the vice principal. It should also be a partnership. There should be a positive communication system and working relationship between the principal and the vice principal. I think the best apart is where the principal and vice principal share duties equally. For example, last year our vice principal focused on Spanish speaker teachers, while the principal focused on the English teachers. This was a great working relationship. It looked more as if we had two principals instead of a vice principal. Spanish teachers sent students to the vice principal, and had their observations from the vice principal. Second half of the year they switched roles. This was a great way for both to get the opportunity to work with all the teachers throughout the school year. It was also a great way of preparing our vice principal to take over the role of principal once our principal left the following year. In my opinion, sharing duties is the best way to prepare vice principals for their leadership

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