Why Doesn 't The Guantanamo Bay Prison Closed? Essay

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In “Why hasn’t the Guantanamo Bay prison closed?” PBS Anchor Megan Thompson has a conversation with two correspondents which focuses on the political turmoil that has prevented the Guantanamo Bay prison from closing. The highlights of the conversation are about how the Republican controlled Congress likes the message the prison sends to the world, but the Democratic controlled White House wants to close the prison. In “Closing Guantanamo?” by Jonathan Masters, he discusses two possibilities for inmates at Guantanamo Bay: either charging and trying them for their terrorist acts or releasing them if they are no longer deemed dangerous to the nation. The author says Congress has currently categorized the inmates into three groups which include those who are held because they are deemed too dangerous, those with charges pending, and those who have been cleared to be released. The passage “Guantanamo” highlights the many ways the Bush Administration circumvented the Constitution including the Bybee Memo which justified the torture of detainees. Furthermore, the passage discusses the battle the three branches of government have had since the opening of the prison at Guantanamo Bay and allegations of abuse at Abu Ghraib. The abuse has sparked outrage among many Congressmen including Senator John McCain who is the chair on the Armed Services Committee.
I was surprised to learn about the conflict over the name status of the detainee’s in Guantanamo Bay because I thought the…

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