A Clean Well Lighted Place Essay

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“A Clean Well Lighted Place”
Answer all completely and in sentence form. Remember to back up your ideas with specific references to the story.
1. Why does the old man come to the café?
The old man visits the café for solitude. The narrator states “the old man liked to site late because…it was quiet and he felt the difference.” Even though he is deaf, the old man went to the café for peace and quiet. The narrator also stated the old man tried to kill himself the week before. It is possible that the old man wanted to get away from whatever demons hunts him when he gets home, and the was a clean well light place to do that.
2. What do we find out about his situation in life? Whom does he live with?
From the conversation between the two waiters the reader finds out that the old man is very sad and as a result tried to kill himself. He also is wealthy from the waiter’s statement “he has plenty of money.” The old man’s situation seems depressing as not only did he try to commit suicide but frequently visits the café and gets drunk. Additionally, the reader finds out that the old man once had a wife, which suggest he may also be lonely. The old man lives with his niece. The reader knows this
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The older waiter sympathises with the old man’s troubles and understands his need to stay in the café. He empathises telling his colleague that “I am one of those who like to stay late at a café.” The older waiter is unhurried and would not have mind staying late and allowing the old man to continue drinking. On the other hand, the younger waiter was unsympathetic, harsh, and hurried. After hearing that the old man had tried to kill himself, while pouring the old man’s last drink, the waiter said “you should have killed yourself last week.” Even though it was not yet closing time, the young waiter would not serve the old man the drink he ordered forcing the old man to pay and

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