Why Does Education Have A Suffer? Essay

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Why Does Education Have to Suffer?
“After World War II, the United States had the number one High School graduation rate in the World. Today, we have dropped to number 22 among 27 industrialized nations.” (Education in Deep Distress). Even though people think education would make less time for family and extracurricular activities, more education would result in better a career choice; education is needed to make a better well rounded Country in order to keep up with the competition; longer school days would result in learning more benefits for life.
Each school day should be longer because it would benefit better decisions made upon career choices of the youth. “Less than half of Americans- 46 percent- finish College.” (Education in Deep Distress). Students do not graduate from College because there is more time spent contemplating which career would suit them best; instead, students are focused upon class work and assignments. Extensive days and hours of school throughout the school year would allow students more time to experiment in different environments to challenge themselves. Having teachers challenge students would have a peak in higher test scores: practicing advanced math, elaborate core classes, and electives would benefit the future of students by adding opportunities for change of interests.
Expanding school days would make a better well rounded Country to keep up with the competition of others: China. “China begins their school day at seven thirty in the…

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