Why Do Things Happen? Essay

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It was a brisk summer morning in late August. The clouds were a dark shade of gray and were casting its shadow across the city of Cleveland, yet a ray of sunshine managed to squeeze its way past the darkness and onto Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This day would change my life for years to come. “Paarth, wake up,” said my mom as she opened the blinds. The day had finally come. My eyes were filled with rheum from an eye infection I was dealing with, but that was not the problem that day. I scrubbed my eyes and made my way over to the bathroom. As a tear trickled down my cheek, I whimpered, “Why do these things happen to good people?” My mom responded, “Honey, I know you are disappointed, but I need you to stay strong for your friends.” I knew what she said was true, but I refused to accept the fact that my best friends were moving to another continent eight-thousand miles away. Simran and Anuj were my closest companions growing up in Cleveland. Simran and I were born one year apart on the same day at the same hospital. She was like a big sister who looked out for me, and would always be there for me when I had no one else. That summer I spent every minute with them; I would go to their house or they would come to mine, and we used to have fun I wish I could still have. I could not feel my body. It was like I was in a block of ice with no where to go. As a gust of wind came through the window, so did memories that will last a lifetime. When my friends that knew…

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