Why Do People Should Care For Elderly Homeless People?

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There are homeless people all over the world, when you’re driving down the street you see some elderly man or woman holding up a sign. On that sign it says “ help wanted” or “anything helps”. I myself hate seeing signs like that, most of the time i’ll help them out but when i do it effects me cause i’m giving my things away whether it’s money or food, sometimes i’ll just turn my head and look away. Then as you drive away you feel guilty knowing you could’ve helped someone out. Yupe that’s me, and i know that’s you too! Why do you think people should care for elderly homeless people? Elderly homeless people and homeless people affect the world in their own way. Homelessness is evolving into a national and international crisis. Within developed …show more content…
The most notable difference between older and younger homeless adults is the older adults’ compromised health status; one study found that they were 3.6 times as likely to have a chronic medical condition as homeless adults under 50.Another study found that 85% of homeless persons over age 50 reported at least one chronic medical condition.Homeless adults between ages 50 and 62 often have health care needs similar to those of people who are 10 to 20 years older. The harsh conditions of life on the streets exacerbate existing chronic health conditions as well as illnesses that grow more common with age, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, circulatory problems, and hypertension. While such illnesses are always challenging to manage, living on the streets or in a shelter creates multiple barriers to adherence to medical regimens. For example, homeless persons may lack access to refrigeration for medications, their prescribed diets may be compromised by limited menu choices at food banks or shelters, and getting adequate rest is challenging when shelters close early in the mornings. Their physical health is further compromised by exposure to extremes of heat and cold on the street, and by exposure to contagious illnesses in shelter (Policy paper). When thinking about homelessness, the elderly people issue doesn’t immediately come to our mind. Homeless elders, although increasing in numbers, continue to be a forgotten

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