Why Do People Shop Essay

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Why Do People Shop?
Do people shop simply to make purchases? considerations that are unrelated to an actual purchase? other than his or her need for products or services.


Are some shopping trips motivated by The results of an explora-

tory study of shopper motivation suggest that a person may shop for many reasons

'T'HE field of consumer behavior has experi-•- enced a dynamic period of growth over the past 10 years. It is frequently overlooked, however, that this broad area consists of three distinct activities: shopping, buying, and consuming. Considerable progress has been achieved in identifying the behavioral dimensions of buying, and a number of theories of buying
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286-295; and Louis P. Bucklin, "Testing Propensities to Shop," JOURNAL OF MARKETING, Vol. 30 (January, 1966), pp. 22-27.
Journat ot Marketing. Vol. 36 (October, 1972), pp. 46-59.

product assortment, and store image.'* Again, these are variables which help explain, "Why do people shop where they do?" (store patronage). The question considered in this article is, "Why do people shop?" (i.e., go to a store in the first place). The most obvious answer, "because they need to purchase something," can be a most deceptive one and reflects a marketing myopia which management has been cautioned to avoid— a product orientation. This answer considers only the products which people may purchase and is but a partial and insufficient basis for behavioral explanations. It implicitly assumes that the shopping motive is a simple function of the buying motive. This article hypothesizes that peoples' motives for shopping are a function of many variables, some of which are unrelated to the actual buying of products. It is maintained that an understanding of shopping motives requires the consideration of satisfactions which shopping activities provide, as well as the utility obtained from the merchandise that may be purchased. If needs other than those associated with particular products motivate people to go to a store, the retailer should incorporate this information into his marketing strategy.

An exploratory study was undertaken to determine some reasons

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