Essay on Why Do People Overshare?

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Why Do People Overshare?
“Often, the less students know the person they are communicating with, the more willing they are to spill. And they do it bluntly, now that they are used to summarizing life in 140 characters.” (Winzenburg 388). Stephen Winzenburg dramatically emphasizes to his readers the struggles that his students go through from terminating pregnancies to child custody battles; he hears it all (387-389). Now “why?” is the real question that should be asked. Why do people share intimate details with complete strangers, but become raged when their family members express empathy? They feel that the stranger they befriend will not judge them for the conflicts they endure, so they look to them for the sense of belongingness and compassion that they so longed had needed. People, who lack attention, feel loneliness, so they attempt to fulfill that need by sharing entirely too much. Having 1000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. has all the potential in the world to ruin a person’s reputation. If that shy, quiet girl at school known as the wild, party girl on social media does not make one cringe, then something is wrong with this world. That girl is also struggling with not getting attention from her family and classmates so she takes her want of belongingness to a whole new level. Society has implemented the boundaries of what people “should” post on social media, but it is all about what you “do” post that surrounds who accepts you. Many girls these days feel…

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