Trigger Warnings Essay

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All students, especially those in college, should be aware that the world does not work in their favor. In recent discussion in American Universities today, a controversial issue has been raised as to whether trigger warnings, defined as any statement of any source which creates tension within one’s self, must be provided by the Professors to ensure that material presented does not offend or upset ant student in class. College individuals should know by now that not everything will go as they would like them to go. As Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff said in the article The Coddling of the American Mind, “You can never achieve happiness by making the world conform to your desires” (52). If an individual expects others to make actions that …show more content…
In the article, Beware the Trigger Warning, Jon Overton states, “you can’t predict what will set someone off” (99). Any little thing whether it is a word being said or a picture or video being shown may be considered as “emotionally or physically stressful material” (99) to some students. Overton says, “Trying to prevent any and all of them endangers academic discourse” (99). He is right because together, students could possibly come up with something “triggering” about every single topic. Students cannot be avoiding every conversation because then there would be no point of schools. As a class, students are supposed to feel comfortable speaking up and sharing ideas, no matter what the conversation is …show more content…
In the article, On the Repression of Free Expression (from Commencement Speech at Harvard University), Michael Bloomberg writes how great universities are places where people of all backgrounds with all beliefs come together to “study and debate their ideas – freely and openly” (103). It is not about a single individual but the whole group as one. The whole point of attending school is to bring children of all kinds together and help them learn from one another by hearing other thoughts and opinions and the reason behind that thinking. It is good to hear other thoughts and opinions without anyone holding back anything. Bloomberg states, “We cannot deny others the rights and privileges that we demand for ourselves” (104). We cannot say no to someone just so we can say yes to ourselves. Bloomberg questions, “Isn’t the purpose of a university to stir discussion, not silence it?” (106). Universities must teach their students how to think, not what to think. Students must listen to other perspectives of things and determine “whether the other side might actually make some fair points” (107). Individuals cannot be satisfied with what they know only, because there is so much more to it. Students must come together and hear what they all have to say. Certain things may be triggering because it will remind them of something from the past, but the past is the past and they must go on with their

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