Why Do Everyday Life Matter? Essay

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Why does everyday life matter to sociologists?
This essay is going to discuss why the study of everyday life matters to sociologists and the mundane social interactions and actions which individuals carry out help to structure society. This essay will also attempt to explain what it is which is meant by the terms microsociology and macrosociology, and what the relationship between the two is. There will also be a look taken at some sociological perspectives in order to help explain the need to study the everyday.
The sociology of everyday life is a relatively new addition to the sociological fields of study. It looks at the small scale social performances which people carry out on a daily basis, often with little awareness that they are. As with much of sociology there is debate over the value of this range of investigation, and whether or not it is of genuine worth.

Through the study of everyday life, there is the opportunity to link the smallest story to the larger social transformation, it creates the capacity to find the big stories through the realities of the mundane details of life and it has a distinct place within sociology as its own area of analysis, as the study of the forms of social behaviour and interaction which take place on a day to day basis.
Although the activities of everyday life can seem to be minor and even, to a point, ordinary and we certainly do not give all the little things we do daily much conscious thought, this does not mean they are not…

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