The Importance Of Social Research

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rhetoric-trying to balance acts and carefully selection of words (May 2014). It is important for a researcher to ascertain safety of the participant and confidentiality of their information. Gonzalez-Lopez (2011) propose that researchers are to be keenly aware of the taken-for-granted social contexts and circumstances that shape participant’s live emotionally, physically, political safety, and their well-being. While Wingfield (2009), pseudonyms were employed in order to ensure the safety and confidentiality of research participant.
A researcher should be an engaged listener. Owen (2012), state that the importance of been an engaged listener is to encourage the respondent to continue speaking. For example, simple head nods or quiet sounds
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Social change is a major achievement for every sociological researcher. The interest in generating knowledge that can inform local action and promote change and conducting research that focus on community research is not new (Small and Uttal 2005). Research should facilitate the dissemination of this knowledge to persons who must use it to guide social change creatively. The research is done to create social change in the interest of the oppressed groups, not merely to gather information on a social phenomenon. All efforts to educate the public are seen as part of an overall strategy to create social change to benefit homeless and impoverished people (Yeich 1996). In other to achieve viable social change, Simonson and Bushaw (1993) assert that researchers should recognize major dispute of interest within the groups of individuals they were attempting to serve. To help further the social change work sought by the community as researchers use their skills, community partners must trust that the researcher has the best interests of the work at hand. The possibility of action research then is that the sociologist and community partners can unite together as equals in an action project to provoke social change (Mandell 2010). Furthermore, one of the objectives of a researcher has to be to ascertain the need to be on the same operating …show more content…
Reagan-Porras‘s (2013) finding on what significantly impact youth about mentors discovered that it is not merely commitment, duration, and consistency that makes a difference but rather the content of the relationship. For example, Sengstock and Marshall (2013) reported in their study, a number of problems regarding the implementation of the state’s program for the management of adult maltreatment such as insufficient government funds, unclear regulation policy, and absence of specific scales for identifying elder maltreatment, vacillating state agency rules, and lack of updated information. Brown-Saracino’s (2014) study contributed to the development of social

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