Why Do Cell Phone Cause Cancer? Essay

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We researched and looked to see if there were any relations to cell phone radiations and if it can cause cancer. This is a controversial issue because there has been reason to believe cell phone radio frequency can cause health problems, however, this is an a new subject that requires extensive studies. At this point, we are assuring consumers there should not be a concern, nonetheless, preventive measures can be taken.

Presentation Plan
Our plan for the presentation is to talk about our topic briefly before the class. We then plan on preparing a video which will cover other areas on this topic. This video will be brief and will mainly be composed of photos that relate to our topic and help the audience visualize our presentation. The video will be ran similar an ad that can be viewed on television or the internet. It will contain voice over which will explain several things related to our topic, concluding with precautions consumers can take to minimize the risk of absorbing radio frequency. Our media will be made with our target audience in mind, which is middle aged cell phone users.

Where the representatives stand Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa) brought the topic to Congress in 2009, discussing how research has shown a connection between cell phone usage and deteriorating health in the brain (RFSAFE). After his hearing, there hasn’t been any more hearings about the issue and not very much chatter between the Senate and House of Representatives. There are still people that…

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