Why Did Truman's Decision To Use The Atomic Bomb On Japan?

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It soon became clear that the only way for peace between America and Japan involved more military actions. Since no negotiations were making progress, Truman was left with a difficult decision to make. Truman had to decide was whether he should send troops from the US Army to invade the island of Japan, or to use the atomic bomb spoken about at the Potsdam Conference to end the conflict.
If Truman had sent troops to the Japanese mainland a brutal war would rage, there would have been many American fatalities. The fact that thousands upon thousands of allied soldiers would have been saved by not having to invade Japan sat well upon America as a whole. The decision to actually use the bomb against Japan reflected the more immediate urge to end the war as soon as possible and was a means of shocking Japan into surrender (Freedman).
On July 25, 1945, Truman made his final decisions to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. After lengthy analysis the US Army chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the best possible targets. Soon after the US warned Japan of their plans of an attack on Japan, and that they would stop only if Japan surrendered, however Japan refused to surrender. On August 6 an American B-29 dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima,
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The reason why I think it was a premature decision was that he didn’t really give them enough time to respond. After the first bomb when the US didn’t receive a response from Japan, they figured that Japan didn’t take them seriously. I think the US acted out of frustration more than compassion for the innocent civilians of Japan and didn’t give the Japanese enough time to respond to it. Yet one reason why I think it was a good thing we responded when we did, is because at the time of waiting for surrender, we could have given them enough time to come and attack us while we weren’t ready for

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