The Decision To Drop The Bomb Essay

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The decision to drop the bombs was not carried out by the decision of President Truman alone. When he succeeded the Presidency after Roosevelt died, he honestly insinuated to the press that he was not confident to take the highest position of the country. Much to his surprise presumably, when he was briefly informed about the Manhattan Project. Roosevelt did not share the secret project to Truman before he died. Nevertheless, Truman’s inexperience in foreign policy, urged him to seek advice from the members of the cabinet, luminaries, and selective leaders of the United States’ allies. There were several justification that Truman weighed when he approved of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was revealed on his diary of his uncertainty on the use of the very powerful weapon at that time. The main reason that Truman dropped the bombs was to save American lives. Thus, American troops need not to be in combat, with the fanatical Japanese who fought with a “do or die” principle. It was clear to him that Roosevelt’s advocacy in …show more content…
Then, reinforced with isolating Japan to cut its supplies. Once weakened Japanese will have no other choice but to surrender to the terms of the United States. Truman and his advisers have already deliberated on that plan. Although they were skeptical about the casualties it will incur, still thousands of innocent civilian lives would have been spared. Also, fire bombings could have been an alternative, it was less destructive than the atomic bomb. Anyway, it has been done already and it could have sustain until it cripple the Japanese military bases. The strategic fire bombings will demoralize the Japanese, and a strengthened blockade of the islands will be forceful enough to push for Japan to surrender, and favorably grant the Emperor to keep his throne under the provision of the Atlantic Charter, wherein the emperor will be

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