Why Did A Cold War Develop? Essay

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Why did a Cold War develop in Europe after 1945?

During 1946, relations between the Soviet Union and the United States began to decline. By the following year, a ‘Cold War’ had broken out which was to become the characteristic feature of East-West relations for the next two decades with the world divided in to two camps; the capitalist Americans and the communist Soviets. The Yalta and Potsdam conferences were held in 1945 to negotiate terms for the end of World War Two, after the surrender of Germany. These conferences were intended to finalise the principles of post-war peace however several factors including the deteriorating relationship of the US and the USSR and the details of how to divide Germany led to both camps having to compromise. Moreover, Winston Churchill made a speech pointing out the intentions of the Soviet Union which angered Stalin and caused further tension. Furthermore, the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plans of 1947 made it clear that it was essential to confront the Soviets and Truman wanted Communism to be contained. The Truman Doctrine aided Greece and Turkey through financial hardships in order to prevent the spread of Communism. In addition, the Berlin blockade of 1948 created a barrier between West Germany with America and Britain which inevitably caused tension with the Soviet Union. This essay will explain why a Cold War did develop in Europe after 1945.
The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences of the three great powers did not produce a…

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