Essay on Why College Should Be Free

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Free College Tuition in the US is Achievable and Necessary.
Topic: Why College Should be Free in the USA.
Attention Getter: Growing up, one thing was for certain in my life; I knew my family couldn’t afford to send me to college.
Purpose: To persuade the audience to find ways to promote free college education.
Importance to Audience: College education has become a necessity that’s hindering the future of growing generations.
Thesis Statement: College Education should be free.
Preview of Main Points: I will elaborate on the following three topics: the increasing rate in student debt, how other countries are benefitting from providing free college, and how we can achieve free college tuition in the U.S.
(Transition: First, I will speak on the financial burden of college students.)
First Main Point: As of 2010 1 in 5 households has student debt. The total of this debt in 2015 made up $1.3 trillion dollars. (Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, n.d.)
Subpoint: Our college students are not financially stable.
1. On a survey conducted by American Student Assistance 35% of members said that buying daily necessities represents a challenge because they have student loans. (Lanza, 2016).
2. Recent graduates can’t afford to plan for retirement.
Subpoint: 70% of college students receive financial aid, yet they still resort to student loans.
1. Student aid costs the government $80 billion dollars a year. (Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, n.d.).

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