Essay on Why BSN over ADN

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Why Choose BSN Over ADN
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
Sandi Caufal
December 08, 2013

The aim of this paper is to look into the differences in competences between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus nurses prepared at the baccalaureate-degree level. Nursing is an occupation that requiring special education that has been found of great importance and respect over many centuries and it is an immense, appreciating and recognizing field. By choosing nursing, it gives a gratifying career path for both BSN and ADN trained nurses. “Associate degree nursing programs are designed to be 2 years in length and consist of a balance between general education and clinical nursing courses, all of which
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“The Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy states that nursing education is creating upon theories and research. “Baccalaureate nursing practice incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, providing care, teaching, and leading” (GCU, 2011)
We can say in simple terms ADN is a “technical” nurse and BSN is a “professional” nurse because ADN is trained generally on clinical skills by the bedside while BSN training mostly focused on nursing research, management and leadership as well as clinical skills. BSN and higher degree programs are prepared to use a systems approach in directing outcomes related to inequality that prevents quality care. These approaches demand that nurses have advanced study and are prepared for system change implementation. “The increasing complexity of technology, medical therapies and treatments, and chronic health problems (in all age groups) emphasize the need for nurses to be more highly educated. The higher education and advanced degrees will better prepare RNs to create process improvements that address medical mistakes, reimbursement issues, directing multiple systems of care, and other challenges in the healthcare delivery system” (Tri-council for nursing, pg.3)

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