Why Boy Scouts Is Good For The Usa Essay

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Why Boy Scouts Is Good For The USA
Many people believe the Boy Scouts of America, BSA program is blemished due to current events. However, I think the Boy Scouts is a great thing. This program really gave me many new experiences and showed different aspects of the world. (Lasting impact) More importantly, my personal experiences shaped who I am by allowing me to understand the benefits of teamwork, overcome fear of public speaking, overcoming my aqua phobia and lastly my fear of leadership.
One of the main concepts taught in scouting is team work. Even though I’m really introverted and scared of new people boy scouts taught me how to work as a team even if I’m scared. I recall, my first camping trip at the age of 12 to Lake Corpus Christy. Upon our arrival, the adults, aka “scouters” asked our troop of 20 scouts to unpack the trailer. This request forced the scouts to work as a team and made, the older scouts show me the ropes to unpacking and setting up camp. Once we took care of all the troop gear, then it was time to set up our personal gear. As I attempted to set up my tent and failed miserably. My best friend, Josiah helped me set up my tent in fsthe first night due to my lack of experience. “…they learn quickly that by working together and sharing duties, the patrol can accomplish far more than any of its members could do alone. The patrol succeeds when every member of the patrol succeeds and Scouts learn that good teamwork is the key to success.” This was my first…

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