Should Athletes Use Steroids Essay

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Athletes In Professional Sports Should Not Use Steroids

All athletes are talented and skillful in many ways. They must work hard to get where they want to be in their career. Athletes play different types of sports, whether it is tennis, basketball, football and so on. Most people are inspired by famous athletes because of how well they perform. Children also are inspired by their famous athlete, and they want to be an athlete one day. Even though some athletes are popular some of them take steroids. Athletes are not supposed to take steroids it is an illegal drug. In other words, steroids can affect an athlete’s life because when athletes abuse the drug, they cause harm to their bodies physically, emotional, and mentally long-term. Athletes in the professional sports business should not use steroids because it can affect their development, health, and mood. However, adolescent is the phase that teenager go threw to become an adult. Adolescent is a very important part of a teenager development. All teenagers do not grow the same. Teenagers bodies develop differently. Young teenager’s bodies are not fully developed yet. The age that a young adult brain is fully developed is age twenty-five. The first reason why
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Athletes should have good self-esteem about themselves because it helps their other team members to win. It is a fact that when athletes believe in themselves, they will do better at their job. When athletes have a positive outlook about their career, athletes will make good decisions. Because some athletes that have a bad mood tend to make bad decisions. Athletes that cheer themselves and their team members most time they win a game and it gives them confidence. Athletes that strive to reach to the next level become very successful in their careers. Most coaches want their athletes to strive to reach the next level in career and motive others to never give

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