Why Are You Interested At The University Of Virginia School Of Medicine?

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Please answer the question in 350 words or less.

Why are you interested in attending the University of Virginia School of Medicine? What factors will be most important to you in choosing a medical school?
University of Virginia’s reputation as a forerunner in medical education and research with values such as excellence and leadership make it an ideal match for an engaged, driven student like myself.
As an undergraduate, I gained invaluable hands-on clinical experience working in the University Health Services Clinic. I was able to directly interact with the patients, listen to their concerns, take their vitals, and network with nurses, practitioners and physicians about their condition and treatment plan. I worked on a team of medical professionals to provide expedited, yet comprehensive care. University of Virginia’s emphasis on clinical medicine, starting the very first semester, will allow me to continue my experience and clinical training, further developing my ability to provide compassionate care through effective interpersonal communication, clinical reasoning, and teamwork.
With my strong background in research, I truly appreciate University of Virginia’s effort to create a well-rounded student, with not just clinical experience, but scientific exploration. I have worked in several research labs, creating and distributing surveys, perfecting wet-lab techniques, and analyzing data using SPSS and STATA. Armed with an education in behavioral health and neuroscience, I…

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