Why Are Many Americans Overweight? Essay

729 Words Oct 9th, 2015 3 Pages
Why are so many Americans overweight? This particular question probably does not come to mind often. Some people of other countries struggle to try to find food to help them to survive, but the foods that they consume are not causing them to gain weight or be healthy. Because of the freedom in America, choices of deities are taken advantage of. Many of America’s people do not think about what affects their body, although it should be important in their lives. American’s rate of obesity outnumbers the rate of other countries; It is caused by fast foods, not having time to prepare a healthy meal, and the expense of healthy food. Indeed, fast foods are one of the causes of obesity in America. Whenever customers arrive at a drive-thru, they do not look at the calories of the meals. Although fast food places may have healthy foods to purchase, those foods are not often purchased. When fast food chains come to mind,“ healthy foods” is certainly not a thought. No one cares about what is being consumed into their bodies. Whether the calories are high or not, the only thing that comes to mind is what pleases the taste buds at the moment. Everyone has seen the commercials about how long McDonald’s burgers stay and stick on the inside of the bodies. Making better choices about eating habits is the least concern of Americans.
Unfortunately, the jobs that most Americans have cut out the time to prepare a healthy meal. Whenever parents come home, they are too tired to…

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