Why An Independent Variable Affects A Dependent Variable Essay

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Surveys and Experiments, longitudinal studies, are two significant methods of research used in Sociology. First, the Survey method, a primary research method, studies a larger, broader population of sociology (Bryant, L. (2014), (Census). However, this survey method, experimenter chooses the subject, list of specific questions, and analysis of the data collected. The advantage of this method involves a faster evaluation period and less expensive. However, the disadvantage of this method, lacks the interviewers ability to observe the participants’ emotions to the questions. Also, the participants’ may not answer the questions honestly, and this small groups opinion serves as a representative of a larger population (Henry Tischler, (2011). Secondly, the experiment method, longitudinal studies, is a primary research method attaining results by an explicit control of the environment, as well as observing the independent and dependent variables measured throughout the study. Although the outcome of the experiment method involves explaining how and why an independent variable affects a dependent variable, one advantage this method holds is the outcome. The experimenter influences a smaller group by the ability to control the surrounding variables. In summary, these sociological methods gather information on “human social behaviors during the origin, development, organization, functioning and institutions” (Henry Tischler, (2011), (Bryant, L. (2014), (Census).
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