Why African Americans Can No Longer Essay

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Why African Americans can no longer “wait” “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written by Dr. Martin L. King, Jr is a response to the eight white clergymen who wrote him a letter criticizing him, his movement, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Dr. King first addresses why he came to Birmingham. Though King does not usually respond to criticism, he responds to the men because he believes they are “of genuine good will.” Martin Luther King, Jr. had been arrested and imprisoned in Birmingham in 1963 regarding his protest activities. Birmingham at the time was a segregated city, known for the mistreatment of African Americans. In the letter, Dr. King defended the necessity of using protests and demonstrations and even breaking the law in nonviolent demonstrations against segregation and racism. To best understand Dr. Kings “letter,” you have to understand who Dr. King is addressing. The audience he is addressing is not only the clergymen the audience is universal. It seems obvious to say that “Letter from Birmingham Jail” concerns itself with race. While Dr. King says as fact that all races are equal, he draws attention to the separation between races. Instead, what…

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