Why Accountability Is Important For The Key Success Of An Organization

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In health care there are various avenues in which responsibility and accountability are needed and implemented. The importance of accountability is important because it can ultimately be the key failure of the key success of an organization. The domains of accountability can fall into a variety of categories in healthcare and they can include work culture, measurements in employee accountability, checks and balances, and ethical considerations in leadership and management.
In application to health care, accountability entails the procedures and processes by which one party justifies and takes responsibility for the activities that it is involved in. Some of these activities can include professional competence, legal and ethical conduct, financial performance, adequacy of access, public health promotion and community benefit. This can also include procedures for evaluating compliance within these domains and this can include decision making between patient and physician, the economic model of accountability of market and the mediation of consumer choices of their providers and the political model where patients and physicians are members within a community such as a governing board of a managed care plan. Accountability in health care can also include procedures and processes by which one party justifies and takes responsibility, or holds others to their responsibilities (LL., 1996).
Measuring employee accountability is important in the health care industry because when…

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