Why Abortion Is Justified

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There is such a loud heated discussion about the idea of abortion in the United States in whether it is the right decision or if it is morally wrong. Imagine being a woman in such a tough situation, having to walk into an abortion clinic while being screamed at by protestors and being tormented by the decision you’re making. Brianne Cain became pregnant when she had just graduated high school and was a heavy drinker and drug user. Her decision was based off the fact that she was not ready and she wouldn’t have been able to have the right subconscious if she had given birth to a child that might have had problems because of her. She stated, “I made a decision about my future and about my body and health and I think that 's very basic when it comes to human rights.” Abortion is a justified action, without abortion being legal there is substantial consequences affecting the mother’s whole life and the baby 's whole life. In most …show more content…
Studies and statistics show that without abortions health complications are likely. There have been times of stress where women were not granted access to the procedure and death related to pregnancies skyrocketed during the fifty year window. “My options were to lose a pregnancy or lose my life, and... well, I guess you could say I chose life.” Said an anonymous women who had received an abortion because her medication was harmful for her baby but without taking it, it was slowly deteriorating her body and killing her. Although some of the women who receive abortions do not want them in all of those cases it is mandatory to keep them from putting their own lives at risk. The many factors contributing such as death rates, timing, willingness to have the baby, the factor of money, and the view of how much danger is put into this specific medical procedure shows that being “pro-choice” is the more logical viewpoint to stand on this

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