Essay on Who Was Melchizedek?

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Who was Melchizedek?
Genesis 14:18 The question of “who was Melchizedek?” is a mystery which has never fully been answered or solved. We do know that Genesis 14:18 says that “Melchizedek was king of Salem” and “was the priest of God Most High.” Does this verse give enough information to determine just who he was; after all there is no genealogy for him. Various theories suggest who Melchizedek may have been, and all accounts are relatively similar. We will concentrate on three different commentaries to obtain a better understanding of the person of Melchizedek. Matthew Henry’s Commentary starts like most of the other descriptions, making reference to Genesis 14:18, “He was king of Salem and priest of the most high God”. Henry’s
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The One Volume Bible Commentary by J.R. Dummelow suggests the name Melchizedek may mean “Sidik” (a deity) ‘is my king’. Dummelow says, “Melchizedek is designated priest of Elyon, the most high God, whom Abraham, as we see from v. 22, could in a general way acknowledge as his god.” He says that Salem, which Melchizedek was king, was the chief town of the Jebusites which is known to us as Jerusalem. Dummelow notes that “Melchizedek is referred to again twice in the Bible (Ps 1104 Heb 5-7), and each time as a type of priesthood of Christ.” The comparison to him being a type of priesthood of Christ is explained by Dummelow with the following: “1. It is a royal priesthood; 2. A righteous priesthood; 3. A priesthood promotive of peace, or exercised in the country of peace; 4. A personal, not an inherited, dignity (without father, without mother, i.e. so far as the record is concerned; 5. It is an eternal priesthood (without beginning of days or end of life-so far as the record is concerned).” Dummelow does not try to offer multiple answers for who Melchizedek may have been. David Guzik’s Commentary is consistent with the first two commentaries on Melchizedek. He too begins by quoting Genesis 14:18. He points out that Melchizedek is the king of Salem, and Salem is the original Jerusalem. Guzik stresses the fact that Melchizedek, being both king and priest is unique

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