Who Was Discovered, The New World? Essay

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Who Really Discovered “The New World?”
What if Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first European to visit the North America? What if everything that has been taught about the pilgrims and Indians and the Mayflower is a lie? Who really “discovered” The New World? The answer may lie inscribed in a seemingly ordinary boulder also known as Dighton Rock.
From the ancient Phoenicians to the Native Americans, from a Portuguese Scouting ship to the Norse Vikings, there are many speculations about where Dighton Rock came from. According to the article “Who Really Engraved Dighton Rock,” this mysterious stone slab stands at “5 feet high, 9.5 feet wide & 11 feet long” (Web). Dighton Rock was like a college grad standing among high school freshmen. The oversized boulder was found “in the Taunton River, Berkley, Massachusetts” (Web). Scientist believe this rock to be 10000 to 13000 years old, yet the first documentation of the inscriptions of Dighton Rock was taken only about 374 years ago. These inscriptions seem to include the number 1511 and name of an Indian Chief that was reputed to have ruled a nearby tribe at that time (Native American Netroots). A few of the more abnormal theories include Jesus or the devil, and Scottish knights marking on the rock (Manuel). There are even more theories that hold more weight, but they have very little information backing them. One of these is “in the center of the Bridgewater Triangle” (Roadside America). Some people in this area believe that…

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