Essay on Who Is The Right Choice?

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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” (Shakespeare). As that quote is stated, Cecilia was known for being born with greatness. She had been planning to major in business throughout her college years. On her last soccer season, however, she realized that she wanted to continue her soccer carrier. She wanted it to continue being a huge part of her life and she wanted to share with others how to succeed. She was torn between two choices, but regardless of what she picked, she knew that both were the same at heart. The joy and passion that speaks for her, lets athletes as well as students know that she made the right choice in becoming a high school girls coach. She chose to follow her passion and not the career that would pay better. She knew it was going to be challenging, but she also knew it was going to be worth it (Kellar). A coach isn’t only a teacher, but also a mentor, a role model, and a friend too many students, therefore, people who plan to become coaches as well as teachers should look into education requirements, salary, daily hours, and job description, to make sure that it’s what they want to do. Most people don’t believe that it’s hard to become a coach/ teacher, but in reality it requires a lot of hours, money and dedication. Usually the cost of the classes required is approximately $10,000 or more, not including the books and supplies, which are about $2,000 (Education-Portal). A student is…

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