Who Is The Only Thing Worse Than Being Blind? Essay

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In the world today, a vast majority of American 's are faced with the task of living without one or more of the senses that some may deem "essential". But, should we really refer to it as a task? Are these Americans really living any less than we are without a sense? It 's not like they know what it is like to live without that sense; they don 't know any different. While some may say that it is a task, and their lives must be terrible to not know and understand what it is like to see, or hear, the people that actually don 't have the sense may think very different. Helen Keller once said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision." She makes a very good point here by saying that even if you have sight, you don 't always see the beauty in everything because you take sight for granted. While Ms. Keller was blind and therefore she had to work much harder to find the beauty in things, and that way she had more appreciation for it. Many people say they couldn 't live without many senses, but is that really true? If you had to chose which sense you could live without which one would it be? If I were given the chance to live without a sense, I would definitely choose to live without smell. For one, you could go without smelling all the nasty things that we all smell throughout the day. I could also go without getting hungry by the aroma of good food. But, if you do choose to lose the sense of smell, you are also losing the sense of taste. So instead…

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