Essay about Who Is The Call God?

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When facing the call, God will allow people to enter into your life to help kill certain spirits that are within. He has to prune and purge us in order to elevate. Relationships are a perfect example of how God uses people to kill the negative behavioral traits we carry. I was in a relationship and the person tried, well he didn’t try he did, tear my self-esteem down even more than what it was. He made me feel like less than a woman to the point where I began to hide and withdraw from society. I turned more towards the world rather than maintaining my relationship with God. This was all happening even after being called. However, one day I decided enough was enough and I decided to kill the relationship and work towards building myself up in confidence and with God. It was then that I asked God to assist me with the process. He then sent a person into my life who wasn’t good for me spiritually at first, so I thought but he was as it relates to motivating to finding and facing myself. I began to exercise in the word of God and physically. I started building my self-esteem back up and praying more for wisdom and knowledge. As I continued to grow stronger I felt my strength coming back. I started working towards what God has created me to be. I found myself in the field I love, engaging in social activities again, and working in the field I love which is education. I began speaking again something I had lost and creating presentations that only God could have given me. The…

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