Who Is The Best For A Group Of Individuals Who Truly A Difference Every Day?

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If I had to pick a group of individuals who truly make a difference every day in the United States, I would say, without hesitation, our Congress. And when I say every day, I truly mean every day, including those grueling hours at the golf course on one of their two hundred forty days off per year. I do not know about you, but I always thought that the best way to convince someone that my viewpoint was right was to show my dominance by striking a ball into a hole with a stick. This of course demonstrates Congress’ always tactful and ever wise approach to their career. Golf, especially two hundred forty days of it, is a terribly demanding career, but it gives them just enough time to return to their second job, running the legislative branch of our government. Now I do not mean to offend our omniscient, omnipotent congressmen who work on the Hill approximately one hundred twenty-five days per year. They have several tasks to complete while they are in their office. To start their day, our congressmen first ask their receptionists if they missed any calls, and then proceed to their office without returning a single call. Next, the intern will bring them a cup of coffee while the speechwriter may compose a few words for the day. Finally, exhausted and cantankerous, our congressmen will all make their way to the Congressional chambers where they will spend anywhere from a few hours to a complete day, depending on whether or not a congressman wishes to read a Dr. Seuss story to…

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