Who Is The American Dream? Essay

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The American Dream is a traditional ideal of the perfect life here in the U.S. This 19th century principle was the reason many Americans strived for excellence and other nations took note on our progress as a society, as a culture. This phenomenon is something our ancestors sought after and took very seriously. Of course, many people have tried to achieve this “dream” for decades and this principle still relevant today. However, many people have realized that it is becoming harder to fulfill today, especially for minorities and immigrants, and will be harder for the next generations to come. This has caused the new generation of Americans to wonder and question if it is real; if it was worth the risk to try to achieve the same dreams their parents and grandparents had. Failure of progress in the 20th and 21st centuries has proposed a question: If the American Dream is a popular goal, why is it harder for certain citizens to achieve it?

American Dream
Not only has the American Dream been different to each person, family or culture, but it also has been changed over time. Still, what is the American Dream? Research has shown that it is more of a “spiritual fulfillment” rather than a materialistic success (cite: Attitudes..) Nevertheless, it has never-ending opportunities due to cultural, racial, location and gender differences. For example, the American Dream of an elder, White man from Nebraska would most likely be different than a teenage, Hispanic girl from Texas. Both…

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