Who Is Regis And A Local Dealer? Essay

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Thus, following a conversation at the backstage between Régis and a local dealer (the “Pablo Escobar” of Neuhof), we learn that the money that comes from drug-dealing is the way Régis chooses so as to earn an income without being subjected to the regulated work, thus retaining intellectual and physical independence. His only collaboration with the capitalist circuit will be with the bourgeoisie itself, i.e., the owners of the means of production (in the music industry, Universal Studios, in Paris). In this sense, it could be argued that Régis never gets to suffer from capitalist exploitation, as he goes straight from being a lumpenproletariat to music stardom.
Additionally, the insights offered by some post-marxist theorists, such as Althusser or Zizek, can also help us understand many aspects in the film. From the gangs’ ongoing interpellation by the police1, to their involvement in rap as means of subjectively and non-violently sublimating their everyday experience of objective violence2. Objective violence makes reference to its systemic and symbolic articulation in society, notably through language. This contrast becomes very clear in the scene at the cemetery where a religious voice-over is juxtaposed to the gradual death of those very individuals it addresses. Moreover, it is presented through Régis’ conversion into Abd al Malik, where far from anecdotic the name change obeys to the perceived need on the account of Régis to shake off the symbolic violence encapsulated…

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