Who Is Nwoye Dehumanized In The Runaways

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Imagine being ripped from the hold of everything you knew and loved, seeing your old life and loved ones fade into the distance like a bustling train leaving a station as your life as you knew it became a thing of the past. That very feeling is how many children felt as colonizers abducted them from their families for their own desires. Whereas the aborigine girls from the Moore River Settlement in Rabbit Proof Fence and the the Native Americans from The Runaways are left with physical and emotional scars if they try to escape their fate, Nwoye heals the scars that have been made on his heart by following the lead of the colonizers; because of this Nwoye feels more accepted and at-home with the colonizers, whereas Molly and the runaways will do anything possible to return to their real homes. Every time a child tries to leave the schools they are being held captive at they are dehumanized in …show more content…
When Molly, Daisy and Gracie first arrive at Moore River they witness something that stains their memory in the worst way. A girl from Moore River ran away from the school to go meet up with her boyfriend in another half-caste school, but once she is found by Moodoo the “tracker” her fate is something the girls had never thought possible. One of the schools teachers takes the girl into “the boob” (a small shed) to beaten and have her hair cut short so that her boyfriend (and any boy) will no longer desire her forcing her to stay at the school. Cutting a young girl's hair so that she no longer feels beautiful and loses all confidence she has of escaping her conditions reveals just how cruel the colonizers are when they try to exhibit their dominance over the young natives. The same dehumanizing thread is held true In The Runaways, by Louise Erdrich. Erdrich describes the humiliating tasks they had to do and clothing runaways

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