Who Is Mark Waatney's Loss In The Martian

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The Martian, by Andy Weir, is a science fiction book following the story of Mark Watney, an astronaut stranded on Mars after being abandoned by his crewmates. Without any way of telling NASA, or his crewmates, that he is alive, Mark is forced to rely on himself for survival. Throughout the story, Mark struggles to overcome a food shortage and a tear in the Hab. His perseverance and sheer will to never give up is one of the main themes for this heart-pounding book.
Despite being in a near hopeless situation, Mark Watney wastes no time figuring out what he needs to do to survive. Alone on the empty barren planet of Mars, it is easy to lose hope in ever being rescued. Mark, on the other hand, still has the will to live. Possessing enough food to last him 300 days, he attempts to survive until the Ares 4 space shuttle will
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Amongst all the destruction, Mark, being in the airlock, is launched forty meters away due to depressurization (156). Despite the many different issues arising at once, Mark still tries “to figure out how to stay alive” (158). He now faces whole new obstacles with the Hab destroyed, his faceplate broken, and his inability to get back to the debris field to start repairs. Any normal person would give in to the staggering amount of problems. Mark Watney, on the other hand, is not that person. He begins by devising a plan to body slam the airlock and roll his way back to the Hab. He needs to launch himself at the wall in order for it to roll over and cover distance, which is a lot of painstaking physical labor. Not only is Mark physically harming himself, he also has to cope with the pain afterwards. He completes a series of difficult, tedious, and unavoidable tasks all for the sake of survival. His perseverance and will to live did not lessen with this series of unfortunate events. Mark’s headstrong and stubborn personality motivates him to never

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