Who Is An Incompetent Communicator? Essay

1766 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Have you ever spoken with someone who you thought didn’t carry their communication efficiently, which made it hard to get anywhere in the conversation? When it comes to thinking of incompetent communicators in life it can be very difficult, especially when you might view yourself in that category. What you can say about someone else can easily be aimed right back at you. For that reason it can be very hard to think of someone to write about and the incompetencies they may have when it comes to communicating. One person that comes to mind when I think of an incompetent communicator would be my grandfather. More often than not we have a very hard time at directing our communication in a cohesive manor. Typically we try to express our viewpoints in a way that the other can understand, but never truly communicate on the same page. His emotional intelligence isn’t up to par, he has a very hard time being able to manage his emotions and usually let’s his anger get the better of him. Emotional intelligence consists of, “The ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and to be sensitive to others’ feelings” (p. 236). When he gets angry, it becomes very difficult for him to actualize with those feelings and talk about what’s really bothering him. The characteristics he portray’s affects the family system, “families, like all systems, posses a number of characteristics that shape the way members communicate” (p. 318). Our incompetent communication causes a great deal of…

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