Essay on Who Is A Big Interest For Me Personally?

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This course was something I thought would be of a big interest for me personally. Being a communications major I have taken the same basic classes for two and a half years now. During my freshman year I took an introductory class about African American history and thought this would be something that would draw my attention. African Americans in the history of our country have been put down for far to long starting from the time of slavery up until basically now where we are still seeing race issues in our country. During the first class period we talked about what we thought leadership was. Personally I believe leadership is the ability for a person to mobilize a group of people toward a common goal. The person must have some sort of charisma this is very important to being a good leader your attitude reflects everything about a person. A good example of a person with good charisma and shows great leadership ability is President Obama. This is a big reason to why he was able to win not only one but both of his elections. Obama clearly reflected his overarching vision of what he wanted to do for the country. Leadership can come in many different forms; another type of leadership would be a hierarchy where it is top-down or bottom-up. There are a lot of places around the nation that use this form of leadership. For example a business there is a CEO of a company and the employees who are supposed to do what they are told. One more good example of a hierarchy would be the…

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