Essay on Who I Am As A Person

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The best word to describe who I am as a person is kind of impossible for me to decide. So I 'll pick two words: son and brother. The reason for it being impossible, is because half of who I am is brought about from me being a son, and the other half from being a brother. So to have me choose between the two wouldn 't do me any justice. Nor would it accurately describe me as a person, the morals I follow, and why I follow those morals. By being a brother and son, it brought out certain distinctive qualities that might 've remained dormant. It forced my out of my comfort zone multiple times and will continue in the future. It gives me an optimistic view on life, on the people that I 've encountered, and the path that my sisters soon will follow as they grow up. Fear and disappointment is always on my mind. I 'm fearful that I 'll disappoint all of the people who are supporting me through this journey that we call life. I feel this pressure, to always do good and to be ideally perfect. But if I can 't then I 'll let everyone down. But I digress. So I listen to my music, look up to the sky, and remind myself that everything will be okay.

In being the oldest of my mom 's seven children, I would always help my mom with anything and everything that see needed. I would also have to know already what it is that I 'm doing and if I didn 't, then I 'll have to learn how to do it. For example, last year I spent the whole summer restoring the house that…

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