Who Gets Colon Cancer? Essay

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Who gets colon cancer? It is never quite known who gets colon cancer but there are risk factors for it. Colon cancer does kill about “…40,000 in America annually” (Adrouny, Richard 1). It has become the fourth most frequent type of cancer. Men will probably get it more than women but even though colon cancer is more prevalent in men than women it still has a high percent in women. Women still tend to get breast cancer and lung cancer before colon cancer though. The biggest risk factor of colon cancer is the age. Most get colon cancer after the age of sixty but it can start as early as the forties and fifties. In extreme cases you can get colon cancer at the age of twenty but that’s extremely rare. Also diets can increase your risk of colon cancer. If your diet consists of low in fiber and high in fat then that will do it. If your family has had colon cancer you could be at risk for it too because it runs in the family. In conclusion we will never know who exactly gets it and why but there can be ways that we can prevent colon cancer.
Prevention of the cancer Along the same lines as who gets colon cancer we can prevent it by just doing the opposite of some of those risk factors. For instance if we just change our diet from high in fiber and low and fat then we can prevent the colon cancer. Also by taking vitamins and calcium daily we can prevent it. As shown “… a number of studies are showing that aspirin and other medications that inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins…

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