White Rose Youth Opposition Essay

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Youth opposition [pic] The German public was only familiar with the resistance group WR, before the actual research began.[1] The late research in the resistance from the youth also arose from mutual beliefs that the youth followed the Nazis from 1933 and that wasn’t looked upon as being likely that the youth had started opposition and resistance groups.[2] In relation to the rising interest in resistance group among the youth, people started to examine WR’s motives and goals by analyzing the 6 leaflets, the graffiti actions in February 1943, diaries and letters. The interest kept on increasing in West Germany as well as East. The research in WR was very heterogeneous. In BRD, their main emphasis was in …show more content…
He immediately told the Gestapo and they were both arrested. They were searched and the police found a handwritten draft of another leaflet. This they matched to a letter in Scholl's flat that had been signed by Christoph Probst. The three members (Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst) of the White Rose group appeared before the People's Court judge, Roland Friesler, on 20th February. Found guilty of sedition they were executed by guillotine a few hours later. Seven member of WR was killed in 1943. What this group attempted seems to us born of a breathtaking naivety, given the time and the place of its occurrence because their chances of succeeding in starting any student revolution were next to nothing. Hitler was an enemy that half the world almost couldn't defeat, so what could a handful of students possibly do? Well, they could do all they could to stand up for what was right. The members of WR possessed bravery that few people have. They gave up their lives rather than live and remain silent when such awful things were going on. WR’s motto never died in their hearts. “We will not be silent”. This even shined through in Han’s and Sophie’s execution, where they instead should have been scared of dying and being in doubt of his choices and actions in the WR, they instead held their head up high as their

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