White Flight - Original Writing Essay

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White Flight I lived in Brooklyn, New York for nineteen years it 's where I was born and raised. Brooklyn is made up of various domain I lived in many parts of Crown Heights ,Flatbush, East Flatbush & Bedford stuyvesant generally black communities. Before high school I never really looked at it like that it was just me moving into another vicinity. I send sometime in Manhattan in the “white” community but again didn 't see race just seen it as me moving again. In 2005 my family and I move into a house we were new to the block obviously ,but as time when on I knew all my new neighbors and they were mostly blacks. During this time I was attending junior high school still not center on the whole race issue. One day I notice there was a white family on the block they lived in an end house in the middle of the block. Our block was slipping in the middle so cars can park in the back. Flash forward a couple of years and I 'm in highschool and I was more exposed to race ,but it 's not till my senior year I had a class that covered the issue of race. We learn about something called white flight and that 's where my title comes from. Basically the question was do blacks and Latinos bring down the community. When we move in they move out, when we move apparently the white people leave and take their business with them and leave us with the run down shop, and the property value goes down and the only people…

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