Essay on Where Do You See Yourself?

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It goes without saying that a decade is a long time. That’s ten whole years. A lot can happen in ten years. A lot can happen in one year. It’s a question that people--often young people that are just starting out on this crazy adventure called life--hear a lot. And it’s a good question. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I’m sure you’d expect some straightforward type answer describing a lucrative career, some form of loving relationship, and a dream home of sorts. And that’s not a bad answer. There isn’t really a bad way to answer that particular question. I’m just not sure I’d have as eloquent of a response. Ten years from now will put me at being 29, which is a terrifying prospect all on its own, if I’m being honest. I’ll be done with school and ideally will be doing something that I love to do. I’m not quite sure what that would be right now, but I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll figure something out. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just say I’m a writer. I enjoy writing, and I was always lauded for my ability to do so. So, I guess I can see myself doing that for a living. Because, let’s face it, I’m not going to become some miraculous movie star or something. But writing would be the next best thing for me. I’d probably have dabbled in a little bit of everything before I found my niche. Probably in the creative writing field, if I had to place bets. Preferably I’d have something published. I don’t expect to ever become a household name of any sort, but maybe I’d…

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