Essay about Where Do You Go From Here?

1316 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
Where do you go from here? Many different people throughout the class may have reacted differently to the outcome of information learnt during this semester. I have developed a since of extraordinary knowledge about how to interact with clients, and how to make sure my values are set aside during their sessions. Professional values and personal values sometimes conflict with one another when working in an atmosphere that works with many different people because individuals value their values, and sometimes it is difficult to set them aside. However, I have realized a lot of interesting facts about my self, which has impacted my values and myself. Also, there are many stereotypes produced throughout the years amongst many individuals. I believe the experiences provided throughout this course will help me in the future, the way I look at a situation, and proceeding to challenge myself in improving the concept of life. So, therefore, many different experiences has helped me realize the best standard procedure for many clients in different situations, and the action plan I have planned for myself for years on out.
Personal Values vs. Professional Values During a client’s session, many individuals begin to put their personal values before professional values. This class has taught me to use my professional values before my own because each individual has their own values that may contradict their clients. If a social worker contradicts their client’s values then the client may…

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