Where Do I Belong? Essay

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Where Do I Belong?
“Boys and Girls” written by Alice Munro is an interesting story that follows a young girl growing up on a farm. She is struggling to be her own person while meeting the expectations of her parents. She has a younger brother named Laird, whom she is often compared to. She lives on the farm with her mother, father, and brother. She spends lots of time helping her father in the barn, even though her mother really wants her in the house doing more feminine chores. The emphasis on girl vs boy chores, plays a major role in the story and how the children are treated. Gender roles or stereotypes make writing more interesting and make stories captivating. Gender roles factor into everyday life and even without knowing how much if effects children, society places the gender labels on everything.
Gender roles in society have become a major factor in households, workplaces, and almost everywhere. The normal for what a male should do and say differs from what a female should do and say. Society has placed these roles on children, adults, and even animals. Sometimes without realizing the effects of placing the idea of men’s work versus women’s work on children, society does it. Age also becomes a contributing factor in jobs, actions, and what language is acceptable. Munro does a great job illustrating how hard it is to accept and understand gender roles and age specific behaviors. Munro uses character, symbolism, and setting to show just how difficult it is for a young…

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