Where Did All Deer Go? Essay

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Where did all the deer go? During deer season, old, and new trucks line up and down the road, most often before sunrise, filling the side ditch like farmers at an auction. Not only has the increase in deer hunters grown, but hunters are allowed to legally take 6 deer statewide. Many people see deer as a nuisance a road hazard or a trophy, none the less, the common, public misconception is that there are too many deer. On the contrary, I believe that there are few deer, and I would go as far to say that the deer population has declined drastically. According to McCombie, in the Two Thousand and Twelve Deer Forecast, around twenty states had lower than normal trends. So, in two thousand twelve, nearly forty percent of the United States was observed to have less deer. While that may seem okay, many trends start out escalating, and need to be recognized before they worsen. There are numerous variables for the basis of declining deer, including, but not limited to, natural predators combined with a lack of habitat, deer becoming infected with diseases, and hunter misconduct.The ODNR does manage wildlife populations, however, a blanket approach leads to many vital problems not getting assessed.
There are many natural predators to deer, and coyotes are often the given culprit. Packs of coyotes are especially dangerous, and are capable of taking down a fully grown deer. While single coyotes are still a threat to deer, it would be rare for one to attempt a task such as trying to…

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