Essay Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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Joyce Carol Oates author of “Where are You Going, Where Have you Been?” and Edgar Allan Poe author of “The Tell-Tale Heart” use the gothic elements of extreme threats and uncanniness throughout their short stories. When people are in situations where there is an extreme threat, they sometimes act irrationally and normal everyday things might even seem uncanny to them, making them lose their sense of sanity. The gothic elements of extreme threat and uncanniness are very important in these two stories because they evoke the reader 's emotions, to the point that they are feeling the way the characters are feeling. They reveal humanity 's fear of the unknown. Both main characters find normal things to be strange, as they fear what their fate will be. The main character in Oates story finds her own kitchen to be strange to her and does not even recognize it, The main character of Poe 's story finds an eye to be frightening and strange to him because it is a strange blue and filmy. The characters are terrified for different reasons but, both still end up seeing things in a strange way due to their fear of the unknown.. Readers can sense the characters fear so strongly, that they start to feel the same way. As the story of “Where are you going, Where have you been?” progresses the more the main character Connie finds everyday normal things to be uncanny. Her fear is what causes her to see things in a strange way. “Her eyes darted everywhere in the kitchen. She could not…

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